our cider

The taste of our cider is truly unique.

It's a smooth tasting sweet light-coloured cider full of flavour.

Cider House Special is easy on the palette and makes a great accompaniment to Indian curries and fish dishes.

Whenever we have taken our Cider on the road at various festivals and events around the UK the response has been amazing.

Customers buying the plastic kegs to take home always ask ‘where can we get this cider locally?’

Now Cider House Special is produced in 330 ml bottles we hope that the brand will become available nationwide.

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"We’ve known for a long time that our cider is something rather special and it’s what makes our parents’ pub what it is.

"But as we’ve attended more and more high profile events with our mobile bar business, including Silverstone and music concerts, it’s become apparent that there was potential to take it to larger audience through commercial bottling and marketing that could reach pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and specialist retailers across the country.

"And so, The Special Cider Company was born."

smooth taste

the cider

Cider House Special premium cider has been made using our unique recipe specifically for the Cider House Quatt since around 1976. Originally a still cider which has evolved over the years into the semi- sparkling drink we know today. Our premium cider is produced from 100% apple juice using British apples.

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