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The Special Cider Apples that didnt fall far from the Tree.

Brother and sister Peter Jervis and Julia Jacksons’ parents have owned The Cider House in Quatt, Shropshire, since 1986.

Their parents became fampreneurs themselves over 30 years ago, when they bought the pub outright during the era of brewery sell-offs.

It has thrived ever since and given both Peter and Julia a great grounding in the alcohol and hospitality-related industries and of course the spirit(!) of fampreneurship.

"We’ve known for a long time that our cider is something rather special and it’s what makes our parents’ pub what it is.

"But as we’ve attended more and more high profile events with our mobile bar business, including Silverstone and music concerts, it’s become apparent that there was potential to take it to larger audience through commercial bottling and marketing that could reach pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and specialist retailers across the country.

"And so, The Special Cider Company was born."

The Cider House Pub.

One couple has proved for the last 30 years you can still make your business a success if you stick to selling cider.

Brian and Katherine Jervis have celebrated three decades at the helm of the Cider House in Quatt, near Bridgnorth.

The venue is situated in the middle of the countryside, is only accessible by car, it only sells cider and does not sell meals.

Yet the business continues to do well in a financial climate that sees scores of pubs across the country close every week. Brian, 64, from Mose, near Quatt, used to visit the Cider House, which was one of his locals, before eventually becoming landlord. Kath, 62, from Broseley, also used to visit the pub so the couple, who celebrated 30 years at the helm on October 10, both knew the venue well.

"I was getting a bit bored and then the chance to take over the Cider House came up," said Katherine.

"We became the managers on October 10, 1983, and eventually bought it in August 1986.

"We replaced the wood along the bars, which was rotting, and Bulmers, which previously owned the pub, had also built a new room, called The Orchard, which we also refurbished.

"There's only three or four cider houses left in the country. People come from all over the place to visit us, including Canada and America," said Brian.

the cider

Cider House Special premium cider has been made using our unique recipe specifically for the Cider House Quatt since around 1976. Originally a still cider which has evolved over the years into the semi- sparkling drink we know today. Our premium cider is produced from 100% apple juice using British apples.

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